Westinghouse Memorial Garden

The Westinghouse Memorial was restored in 2016. Frequent heavy storms damaged the pond, the transition from a pipe under the pond to a by-pass pipe that diverts water around the side of the pond helps to keep sediment from filling the pond and keep from the water level from overflowing. Horticultural features around the pond include aquatic plants around the edge of the pond that provide an ideal environment for beneficial insects. Native grasses, perennials, and shrubs, which are suitable for wet conditions, can be found throughout the gardens.

A bubbler was installed in the pond to prevent algae blooms in the pond while creating an artificial water feature. Sections of water lilies throughout the pond are reminiscent of the original lily pond design. Native ferns are planted within the landscape and are ideal for growing under trees. Spring bulbs and witch hazels add to the longevity of bloom time to the garden. Weeping Katsura trees planted at the edge of the pond are reminiscent of the historical willows that once inhabited the landscape.



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