Well-cared-for Dog Parks Are Another Asset

FEB 2, 2017
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Bravo to all involved in making the much-requested Downtown Pittsburgh dog park a reality (“Pittsburgh Opens Dog Park Downtown,” Jan. 5). Just as we’ve seen vibrant Downtown park spaces like Mellon Square and the Three Rivers Heritage Trails spur economic development and entice residents to make the Golden Triangle their home, well-cared-for exercise spaces for dogs can also be a key draw.

Fenced off-leash dog areas like those at Fort Duquesne Boulevard and in Frick and Riverview parks keep both pets and park users safe, and responsible dog owners help keep dangerous pet waste bacteria out of our city’s water supply.

Dedicated off-leash areas combined with pet owners adhering to city regulations are paramount to keeping our city safe, healthy and fun. With beautiful green spaces and safely fenced dog parks, our city is indeed a better place for all.

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