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Valley Refuge Shelter

RESTORING A PIECE OF HISTORY Rehabilitating the 1930s-era Valley Refuge Shelter in Riverview Park on Pittsburgh's Northside


Located in Riverview Park in the City’s northside, the Valley Refuge Shelter is one of the most popular and widely rented shelter spaces in the City’s park system.   The shelter was originally built in the late 1930’s, constructed in a rustic style popular for park buildings during that era, and underwent renovations in the mid-1960's. While still a well-used amenity enjoyed by Northside residents, the condition of this historic structure and surrounding hardscape is deteriorating and in need of repair.


Currently, the shelter’s asphalt shingle roof and associated flashing are deteriorating, and its masonry needs point repair and cleaning in several locations. The facility’s electrical system is aging and requires updates. The shelter’s restroom facilities and drinking fountain are not in working order, and the flagstone paving is in poor condition and presents challenges to accessibility. An investment in critical repairs is needed to extend the shelter’s useful life, and upgrades to Valley Refuge Shelter are one of the top priorities identified by Riverview Park users and leaders of the Friends of Riverview Park (FORP).  


The goal of this project is to implement targeted, strategic repairs and upgrades that improve user experience and ensure the long-term functionality of the shelter space and its uses.  PPC and its Design Consultants will work closely with key stakeholders from the City of Pittsburgh to assess existing conditions, identify improvements that address immediate maintenance needs and community priorities, and if budget allows, optional improvements that enhance the overall appearance and functionality of the shelter.

The project is funded in part through a $110,000 allocation from the City of Pittsburgh Parks Tax Fund.

For project updates and additional information, please follow the Engage PGH Project Page (link below).

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