The Importance of Environmental Education

At the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, we believe in the importance of environmental education. Our team of dedicated and passionate educators understands how critical it is for students to have exposure to environmental education from a young age.  

Environmental education can help students learn about the importance of nature and develop skills that will last them a lifetime. Studies show that students that are exposed to environmental education result in a wide array of benefits such as increased confidence, academic performance, knowledge, perseverance, analytical skills, independence, teamwork, and leadership.  

The Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Environment and Ecology and Science and Technology are currently undergoing a revision process. Now is the opportunity to make changes for the better to ensure the requisite knowledge, performance expectations, and core ideas that build environmental literacy remain strong and continue to place Pennsylvania’s Environment and Ecology Standards at the forefront.   

Unfortunately, the newly proposed standards do not support opportunities for children to learn about local environmental and agricultural issues through real-world investigations. They also ignore the cross-disciplinary nature of environmental education that supports 21st-century critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Additionally, sustainability and climate change are not explicitly addressed at all grade levels in a way that supports greater student understanding, which are critical issues for our city and our world. 

Happening soon, a public comment period will open where any and all individuals concerned with the change in standards can ensure their voice is heard.   

Stay tuned for more information about when the public comment period will open or to receive notification when public comment period is open, send an email to: 

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