The Bad Omens

By: Lucy Ingram

Once upon a time there was a black cat. The black cat was part of the Bad Omens (BA) group. The BA made Halloween fun, exciting, and scary. Other than the black cat, the cracked mirror, and the umbrella that was opened indoors were part of it.

Black Cat was heading to a BA meeting one day when cracked mirror ran up to her. “Umbrella is missing!” it cried.

“Oh no!” Black Cat cried. “If Umbrella represents making peace and fun with spirits, I represent fun scariness, and you represent fun legends, without Umbrella the balance will be tilted. We have to find Umbrella.”

“Lets go!” exclaimed Mirror. So, our story’s two heroines set of to save the world’s fate. “Already,” Mirror worried, “So many people are terrified of spirits in a bad way. And they are attacking. I mean the spirits are attacking.” Mirror looked like it was going to crack itself even more in its worry.

“If we are going to save Umbrella, we have to go!” screamed Black Cat. Because Mirror was only a hand mirror, Black Cat grabbed Mirror and ran faster than you would of though possible. Umbrella was Black Cat’s best friend. There was Mirror, but she liked to have two best friends. It made a good balance. Thoughts rushed through Black Cat’s head. Maybe

Umbrella was kidnapped by monsters. Maybe no one liked Umbrella anymore, and decided to kidnap it.

“SLOW DOWN!” screamed Mirror over the winds. “SLOW DOWN!”

“NO TIME!” Black Cat screamed back. “SORRY!”

Mirror jumped free. “THERE IS UMBRELLA RIGHT THERE!” it screeched.

Black Cat stopped in her tracks. “UMBRELLA!” she called.

“Thanks for finding me,” Umbrella said gratefully. “I was on my way to the meeting from the store. I was buying pumpkins to decorate. But, I got lost and my phone battery died. So I couldn’t use the track friend app so you could find me, or tell you not to worry.” Umbrella looked at Black Cat and Mirror’s worried faces. “I hope you didn’t worry.”

“We didn’t,” Mirror and Black Cat chorused. “Don’t worry.”