Step into Spring: Enhance Your Park Visits

Pittsburgh's parks have something for everyone! From the rush of visiting a new playground to the thrill of exploring a new trail, parks are fun for people of all ages.

So, where to begin?

You may be wondering where to take youngsters for their playground excursions. Below are five must-visit playgrounds located in the City of Pittsburgh.

  • Troy Hill Playground/Spray Park
  • Townsend Park
  • August Wilson Park
  • Wightman Park
  • Mellon Park

Next, let's hit the trails! Are you looking for a course that's both challenging but achievable? Check out three recommendations below!

  • Double Loop Trail (Highland Park)
  • Emerald View Trail (Greenleaf St. To Point of View)
  • Rollercoaster Trail (Frick Park)

Known for its stunning skyline that exemplifies that feeling of home, here are three must-see views in Pittsburgh's parks!

  • Bandi Schaum Plateau view (South Side Park)
  • Robert E. Williams Park (one of the highest points of the city)
  • Observatory Hill (Riverview Park)

And with every exciting park visit, remember to practice safety first!
Focus on your clothing by dressing in layers and wearing long pants, hiking through woods, and wearing a sturdy pair of shoes. Don't forget your face mask, bug spray, and to check for ticks when you get home.

A man walking through a trail in Schenley Park.
August Wilson Park Banner Image
A view from the treetops in Emerald View Park