Staff photo of Robin

Robin Eng

It was clear from her childhood spent tromping through the woods and ‘salamandering’ in local creeks that Robin has always felt a strong connection to the natural world. As she learned more about the wonders and complexity of natural systems, she was thrilled to discover that she could pursue a career in ecology. She obtained bachelor degrees from the University of Pittsburgh in Ecology & Evolution and Philosophy, a masters degree in Wildlife Biology from Clemson University, and is now excited for the opportunity to help grow and promote a healthy urban ecosystem here in Pittsburgh. Robin continues to be inspired by the diversity of life and feels fortunate to be part of such a fascinating and beautiful world, which carries through into most aspects of her life. While not working in the gardens and restoration areas of the city parks, she can be found in the woods photographing mushrooms and decaying logs, looking into declining trees and trying to determine what might be living there, tending to her own small urban garden, and building suburban habitat outside city limits. She’s also been known to play ultimate frisbee and dote on her two cats. If you see Robin out working in the park, feel free to ask her about worms, weasels, and eating invasive plants.