Cheever Meg

Meg Cheever

Meg Cheever has said – many times in front of audiences both local and international – that “parks are our most democratic spaces,” and she has spent the past two decades putting those words into spectacular action in Pittsburgh. This belief that all in our city deserve to have the multitude of benefits of healthy, vibrant greenspaces has driven Cheever to lead the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy in raising over $100 million for Pittsburgh’s parks and completing 17 major park improvement projects in every corner of Pittsburgh. When asked about her specific wish for Pittsburgh’s green future, Cheever cites park equity as front and center. “I’d like to see a city where the entire system of 160 parks was beautiful, safe, healthy and clean,” Cheever said. “Our challenge is to find the resources to bring every park in every neighborhood of the city to excellent condition and the resources to keep them that way. Then we connect the parks to each other and to the riverfronts and to the neighborhoods. When we accomplish that, I think we’ll find that all Pittsburghers are happier and healthier.”