PPC Staff member Kathryn Hunninen

Kathryn Hunninen

Kathryn grew up playing in Frick Woods and her love of nature was solidified by many camping, backpacking, and canoeing trips with her family. A strong desire to learn about the world led her to coastal Maine and the central mountains of Mexico and back to Pittsburgh, where she has committed her personal and professional life to strengthening our park system. As Senior Manager of Special Initiatives for the Parks Conservancy, Kathryn works closely with community partners on the development of Emerald View Park and leads education initiatives in community-based settings, including the Conservancy’s Parks RX program. Kathryn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Ecology and a Master of Science in Parks & Resource Management and Environmental Education. She lives in Pittsburgh’s Brookline neighborhood with her husband and daughter, is fluent in Spanish, and loves finding new hiking trails to explore throughout our region.