Spring into Parks this Year!

Your guide to park adventures this season.

The weather is warming, flowers are blooming, and signs of spring are making their way through the city. It’s time to start getting outside more to enjoy the longer days and sunny skies in your parks! As you prepare to jump into spring this year, we’re here for you. Check out the tips below to help you plan your next park visit!

Your Guide to Programming

Your parks are coming to life with another season of free activities. This year, our Spring Programming Guide is available online and, in your parks, to help you discover more free programs, activities, and events than ever before!

Stop by McKinley Park for a plant walk with community herbalist Annie Fox! Or perhaps you would like a story hike with your loved ones at Allegheny Commons? How about a yoga session at Sheradan Park? No matter what type of activity you enjoy, your parks have something for everyone, and the Spring Programming Guide will get you started.

Your Guide to Park Amenities

Basketball, soccer, pickleball, and more! Virtually any sport you can think of can be played in your parks! Whether you’re looking to start your own pick-up league or simply get in a sporty outdoor workout, your parks are the place to go.

Citiparks is an incredible resource for you to see where the best courts, field, playgrounds, and other park amenities exist in your neighborhood. Check out their online park directory here.

Your Guide to Preparation

If you’re planning a day in your parks—whether you are participating in an activity from the Spring Programming Guide or playing sports on the courts—it’s vital to come prepared! We recommend layers, snacks, and water.

Bring layers: Especially in this unpredictable Pennsylvania weather, you’ll need to be prepared for any season! Wear or bring layers, and always bring an extra change on clothes in case it rains.

Pack a snack: Time flies when you’re having fun! After a play in the parks, you’ll be thankful that you have a little snack to enjoy on the way home.

Stay hydrated: Our bodies need hydration to keep us going! PittsburghAde is a great option for a long day in the park to help replenish, recover, and re-energize our bodies throughout the day. Check it out here!

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