Schenley Park Visitor Center Garden

The Garden

The Schenley Park Visitor’s Center was renovated in 2001 and also included the restoration of four and a half acres of green space around the area. The landscape was overgrown with invasive plants and showed evidence of erosion. On the slope behind the Center, shrubs and native grasses were planted to help stabilize the slope, and jute netting was laid to hold the soil in while the plants developed their root system. A rain garden is located around the Center and captures one-third of the rainwater from the roof. A pipe from the downspout of the roof was installed under the walkway and infiltrates more than 18,000 gallons of water that would otherwise flood Panther Hollow Lake. Two beds of annual flowers are located in front of the Center and native shrubs, perennials, and trees are also found around the surrounding landscape.



Parks thrive when they have sun, soil, rain…and you. You ensure programs are offered, trees are planted, capital projects are funded, flowers are tended to, research is pursued. There is nothing the parks can’t do with you behind them.