S&B USA Teaches Young Naturalists About Mitigating Climate Change Through Green Infrastructure

Grant Ervin, Director of Environmental, Social, Governance, and Innovation at S&B USA, recently talked with the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy's 2023 cohort of Young Naturalists program participants about climate action planning and how to be hopeful about mitigating and adapting to climate change during a presentation at the Living Building Challenge-accredited Frick Environmental Center. Ervin also talked to the Young Naturalist participants about possible career paths that might expand upon their love of the environment. Before the presentation, the group of high schoolers and recent high school graduates completed an exercise about how to be hopeful regarding mitigating the damaging effects of climate change. They also filled out a personality quiz that will equip them to be environmental stewards based on their strengths

S & B USA implements climate action planning through three main pillars – infrastructure, development, and construction. Rooted in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues, 

this comprehensive approach includes considering a climate change strategy, equal opportunities, and business ethics, for example, while working to create an infrastructure that will thrive in sustainable cities and allow each of us to live in accordance with climate justice.   

Their work is inspired by the globally used United Nations Sustainability Goals, which focuses on issues such as implementing affordable and clean energy and building sustainable cities and communities. Through innovation, working in tandem with government and policy, and the construction of green infrastructure and electric fleets, S&B USA works hard to ensure Pittsburgh and cities worldwide are prepared to meet the demands of climate change.   

Generously supported by S&B USA, the Young Naturalists program provides 11 local high school students from nine different schools with an opportunity to address these real-world concerns, gain firsthand experience, and preserve and protect cherished park spaces for current and future generations.  

The program is a paid intensive internship for high schoolers that emphasizes the exploration of careers in growing fields related to science, engineering, technology, and math (STEM). The five-week-long program consists of two components: educational activities and stewardship projects that improve the health of our park ecosystems.  

Each week of the Young Naturalists program has a different educational theme, such as insects, birds, water, lichens, and air quality. The students also learn about climate change — both the impact climate change has on the natural environment and actionable steps to continue reducing carbon emissions. The program strongly emphasizes STEM career exploration and building science communication skills through a vibrant group of professional science speakers. 

Immersive programs and presentations allow the interns to gain a glimpse into career possibilities in ecology, environmentalism, and sustainability. To learn more about the Young Naturalist program, please visit 

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