Pittsburgh’s Greenest Landscapers Are 11 Goats And A Donkey


90.5 WESA

Hobo doesn’t look like your typical bodyguard. With soft brown eyes and a dark chocolate coat, the miniature donkey is quiet, calm and blends in with the herd he protects. That is, until something threatening approaches.

“He’s never actually had to chase off a coyote or anything,” said Doug Placais. “But if a dog or anything comes up to the fence, he’s always ready to protect them. He stands alert.”  

Livestock guardians for goats are typically dogs, donkeys or llamas. Doug Placais said Hobo has never had to scare off predators, but always stands alert to potential danger to his herd. Placais is the co-founder of the Steel City Grazers, for which Hobo is the livestock guardian. The 11 goats and, of course, Hobo, have been snacking their way through overgrown areas of Pittsburgh for more than a year now... Read the full article