Pittsburgh Seeking Input On How To Improve, Expand Parks

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and city officials have scheduled a series of meetings over the next four months in each of Pittsburgh’s 90 neighborhoods to gather input on enhancing city parks.

Officials want to develop an equitable approach to investing in the park system, which includes 165 parks, parklets and open spaces covering nearly 5,000 acres of land, according to Jayne Miller, the conservancy’s president and chief executive officer.

Listening sessions will include an overview of the city’s park system, the condition of parks and discussions with residents about their park priorities. An event schedule is posted on the conservancy’s website.

“Parks are integral to creating a high quality of life and the conservancy is committed, along with the city of Pittsburgh, to making ours the very best in country,” Miller said in a statement. “Of course, it will take time and money to do that, but we really can’t begin the task until we know what is most important to those who live in our city and what everyone wants in their parks.”

Mayor Bill Peduto has prioritized improvements to the park system with a goal of having a park or parklet within a 10 minutes walk of every home in the city. 

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