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Mellon Park plan calls for better connections and traffic calming

deer eating in the woods

Oh, deer!

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Celebrating Summer 2022!

GI Blog

Green Infrastructure to Build a Better ‘Burgh


Art in Your Parks: Finding Inspiration from Nature

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Duck Weed in Westinghouse Pond

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One of Pittsburgh’s few monuments honoring a woman will be restored

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What is the Mellon Park Action Plan?

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Our New Lending Library

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Flagstaff Hill’s Restoration Will Continue to Keep Schenley Park Beautiful


Parks do not exist without people. We restore parks for your joy and well-being. Pittsburghers need spaces where fathers can play catch with their sons, couples reconnect, family’s picnic. Parks, in return, do more than we realize. They clean the air, filter stormwater, lower stress…provide a natural sanctuary in forests of steel and glass surrounded by rivers of asphalt. Like anything alive, if neglected a park will suffer. And ultimately perish.

We believe in the power of parks. We are all in. Are you?