Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Names New CEO

DEC 7, 2017 

Pittsburgh Business Times


Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy announced the selection of Jayne Miller as the next president and CEO beginning in April.

Miller currently serves as superintendent of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, which was named No. 1 among U.S. park systems for the last five of Miller's seven years of leadership, according to a news release.

She will succeed Meg Cheever, who founded the nonprofit Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy that manages Pittsburgh's parks in a private-public partnership, has served as president and CEO for 21 years and in March announced her retirement.

“The bar for selecting our next president and CEO was very high, based on Meg Cheever’s magnificent $100-million park restoration and revitalization programs,” said Daniel Booker, chairman of the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy board of directors. “As we consider our path forward for the next decade, our goal is to achieve a more sustainable parks infrastructure, enhance operating performance and ensure equity across all city parks. Jayne’s expertise matches perfectly with our strategic vision.”

The Pittsburgh organization's goals include establishing a unified parks management plan and securing increased funding and streamlining its relationship with the City of Pittsburgh, according to the release... read the full article