The Nonprofit Finished Second Phase of Restoration Updates to Pittsburgh’s Oldest Public Park with First-Ever Parks Tax Allocation.

PITTSBURGH – February 15, 2023 – The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy today announced the completion of the second phase of construction along the North Promenade in historic Allegheny Commons Park, a project made possible thanks to a significant investment from the City of Pittsburgh’s Park Trust Fund, Duquesne Light Company (DLC), the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Commonwealth Financing Authority, and local supporters.

The newly revitalized section of the North Promenade spans from Federal Street towards the George Washington Monument and builds upon progress from the first phase completed in 2021.

“Pittsburgh is a city with fantastic views but we’re also a place with wonderful and historic parks. Through our collaboration and partnership with Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. Residents can enjoy one of our abundant number of parks that are truly being taken care of with the right reinvestments that allow residents the opportunity to take a moment and enjoy the beauty of nature,” said Mayor Ed Gainey.

Project improvements include pathway resurfacing, canopy tree plantings, bench installations, new trash receptacles, along with mobility and pedestrian upgrades that now enhance the experience of park users. In addition, the installation of 15 new historically appropriate light posts featuring energy-efficient and dark sky-compliant lighting and a planted traffic-calming median will promote safety in and around the park.

“An investment in Allegheny Commons Park is an investment in the health and well-being of Northside residents,” says Diana Bucco, President, the Buhl Foundation. “The Buhl Foundation is honored to support the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and the residents of the Northside that had the foresight to advocate and create a master plan for the park. It is their collective hard work, dedication and advocacy for this historic Northside treasure that is guaranteeing a brighter, safer, and more accessible experience for Northside residents and all visitors to Allegheny Commons Park.”

The recently completed upgrades are funded in part by a four-year, $1M contribution from DLC and an $800,000 allocation from the City of Pittsburgh Parks Tax Trust Fund directed to the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy through its public-private partnership agreement.

“As a proud partner in protecting and enhancing public areas, we understand how important it is for Pittsburgh residents to have access to safe green spaces in their communities,” said Kevin Walker, president and CEO of DLC. “The enhancements made at Allegheny Commons Park provide an opportunity for residents and visitors to safely enjoy the historic space for many years to come. We are proud to contribute to projects like this that support our vision of a clean energy future for all and continue to make Pittsburgh one of the country’s most livable cities.”

Pittsburgh City Councilman, Bobby Wilson, further underscores the importance of rehabilitating Allegheny Commons Park and the impact of matching public investment with private philanthropy.

“The completion of this project proves what we can accomplish when City government and private organizations come together for the betterment of the community. In the past year, I watched Allegheny Commons Park transform into a safer, brighter, and more welcoming place. I'm thrilled that many generations will continue to enjoy this beautiful Northside attraction and I look forward to bringing more projects like this to other areas within Council District 1.”

Established in 1867, Allegheny Commons has a storied past and bright future. Known for its mature canopy trees, sprawling promenade, and iconic Lake Elizabeth, Allegheny Commons serves as the front yard for the Northside's diverse neighborhoods and remains the beating heart for the local community.

“This park means a lot to me. I have photographs of my mom playing in the park as a child,” Joe Riebling, photographer and Northside resident explained. “I played in this park as a boy. The Allegheny Commons has been a source of enjoyment for Northsiders for quite a few generations and with the improvements and the updates that are being made now will ensure that many generations after us will enjoy this wonderful place!”

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Commonwealth Financing Authority provided funding through a grant from the Greenways, Trails, and Recreation Program, which was delivered thanks to the leadership of State Senator Wayne Fontana and State Representative Aerion Abney.

“I’m proud to have helped secure more than $1.2 million towards the restoration of the historic Allegheny Commons, one of our city’s most accessible public spaces,” said Senator Wayne Fontana. “We’ve witnessed the great work the Parks Conservancy did with the restoration of the Patricia Rooney Memorial Fountain (Northeast Fountain) and I’m excited everyone will be able to enjoy the improvements made to the North Promenade.”

“The new and improved North Promenade at Allegheny Commons Park is a scenic and streamlined path that North Side residents and Pittsburgh visitors alike will be able to enjoy for years to come,” said State Representative Aerion Abney. “Thank you to Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy for their tireless work and to all partners for breathing new life into the Steel City’s oldest public park.”

In 2021, the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy completed the nearly $1million first phase of the Allegheny Commons North Promenade Project, stretching from the recently rehabilitated Patricia Rooney Memorial Fountain to Federal Street.

“The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy is honored to be part of the next chapter of historic Allegheny Commons Park, thanks to the recent improvements made in direct response to the community’s wishes,” Catherine Qureshi, president and CEO, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, said. “This completed project will have a positive impact on the diverse and vibrant Northside neighborhoods surrounding the park, providing a safer and more accessible experience due to lighting and pathway upgrades. We are so grateful to our generous supporters and partners for helping bring this project to fruition, including the City of Pittsburgh, Duquesne Light Company, and our elected officials.”

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Alana Wenk
Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

About Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy:
The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy was founded in December 1996 by a group of citizens concerned with the deteriorating conditions of Pittsburgh’s historic city parks. A non-profit organization, the Parks Conservancy works closely with the City of Pittsburgh under an official public-private partnership agreement to restore and improve the city’s park system to its full potential. To date, the Parks Conservancy has raised more than $145 million and completed 23 major park improvement projects. The Parks Conservancy works with thousands of volunteers, hosts hundreds of events, and provides programming for more than 7,500 children annually.