Parks, Parklets, And Park Group Plans Presented At Allentown CDC

APR 11, 2017 

South Pittsburgh Reporter


Parks, parklets and friends of parks highlighted the April meeting of the Allentown CDC.

Guest speakers included Erin Tobin, community outreach coordinator for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy; Sarah Baxendell, project manager, Greenspace Asset Development for the Hilltop Alliance, and Siena Kane, Allentown business district manager.

In her opening remarks, Ms. Tobin said the Parks Conservancy applied for a grant from the National Recreation Parks Association. In a highly competitive process, 200 applications nationwide were made for the grant, they earned a grant for green infrastructure storm water management project in upper McKinley Park.

Specifically, the “Chicken Hill” area of the park near Delmont and Michigan streets.

The purpose of the project is to manage storm water more environmentally at the top of the park before it gets to the Saw Mill Run Watershed, one of the critical watersheds in Pittsburgh, she said.

In addition to managing storm water better, the plan also calls for improved green infrastructure to make the park more useable.

As part of the project, they will be replacing the historic stone on the Eldora Place side of the intersection of Eldora and Michigan Street. Off of Michigan, plans call for a slide as part of the storm water management and also a shelter... Read the full article