Parks Conservancy Braves 75 Degree Weather to Install Beloved Holiday Lights in Schenley Plaza

NOV 4, 2015 

WHAT: Parks Conservancy braves 75 degree weather to install beloved holiday lights in Schenley Plaza.

WHEN: Wednesday, November 4th from 9:00AM – noon

WHERE: The Emerald Lawn at Schenley Plaza in Oakland (Google map search term “Schenley Plaza”; click here for map). On-site event contacts are Shawn Fertitta 646-567-8380 and Angela Yuele at 412-512-9639. They will gladly assist you.

DETAILS: Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy staff will brave the 75 degree weather and install 13 large-scale holiday light sculptures – including 4 sizes of tree-shaped forms – on the Emerald Lawn at Schenley Plaza. Energy-saving red, blue, green, and orange LED lights are used in the displays, which have become a tradition at Schenley Plaza. “Schenley Plaza is one of our city’s most visible and popular green spaces, and the holiday lights are a beloved photo op backdrop that park visitors look forward to each year”, says Shawn Fertitta, Senior Manager of Visitor Experience. “The holiday lights, the nighttime lighting at the Mary Schenley Memorial Fountain, and the surrounding building lights make a night visit to Schenley Plaza a beautiful experience.”

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About Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy:

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy was founded in December 1996 by a group of citizens concerned with the deteriorating conditions of Pittsburgh's historic city parks. A nonprofit organization, the Parks Conservancy works closely with the City of Pittsburgh under an official public-private partnership agreement to restore and improve the city’s park system to its full potential. Originally including Highland, Schenley, Frick, and Riverview Parks, the scope of the Park Conservancy’s work now includes a focus on community parks including Allegheny Commons, Arsenal Park, Cliffside Park, McKinley Park, and Mellon Park.To date, the Parks Conservancy has raised $86 million toward park improvements. The Parks Conservancy works with thousands of volunteers annually, stewards over 1,700 acres, and has completed 14 major park improvement projects.