Parks Are Where I Find My Spark


What precarious times in which we live. Who would have thought we'd be in the midst of a pandemic on the first day of Spring? With everyone being asked to limit outside activity and practice social distance, you may ask yourself, what am I to do?  I'll tell you — go to the park!

On a brisk, sunny day, I walked to the local park armed with a tennis racket, ball, and my eight-year-old Dingo, Luey. I arrived at the empty park and proceeded to have one of my best tennis performances. Lobbing and cutting, I was like Serena Williams on the court! So, did I win? Actually, it was just me armed with a tennis ball trainer.
That's the beauty of the neighborhood park. It allows me to escape reality and lets my imagination run wild. As I headed home to continue my practice of social distance during this virus outbreak, I was reminded that no matter if it be a walk, run, or tennis match that gives someone a spark, we all win by having the opportunity to visit a local park!