Park System Is ‘Key Part Of A Great City,’ Says Outgoing Conservancy CEO

APR 26, 2017 

90.5 WESA


When Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy CEO Meg Cheever looks out of the “living room” of Frick Parks' environmental center, she marvels at what she sees. 

When I look out the windows, I see a wonderful park," she said. "I see lots of green trees and nature, sometimes a red-tailed hawk sometimes people enjoying the park and walking their dogs and taking their kids by the hand."

Cheever said she’s particularly excited about the new Environmental Center, which opened to the public in September, replacing the old facility that had been destroyed by fire in 2002.

The new facility, which generates it's own water and power, is one of 17 major park renovation projects the conservancy has completed.

In December 1996, Cheever led a group of citizens concerned about the deteriorating conditions of the city’s parks to create the conservancy.

More than 20 years later, Cheever announced she will step down as the organization’s president and CEO in March... Read and listen to the full interview