Mellon Square Located in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh

RESTORING A PIECE OF HISTORY Originally created as the first public space built over a parking garage in 1955, Mellon Square is a Modernist masterpiece.


Mellon Square is a landmark park in downtown Pittsburgh. Built during the city's 1950s Renaissance, the park provides a green oasis that highlights and enhances the buildings around it.  One of the oldest surviving parks to be built atop a parking garage, Mellon Square is one of the country's original "green roofs."

PPC Capital Projects 2015 MSQ Mellon Square Summer Fall White Gray Green Blue Building Bird's Eye View Triangle (Jeremy Marshall) VTL
MSq Capital Projects 2015 Mellon Square Summer Fall R (Jeremy Marshall) Night


The completely restored Mellon Square reopened publicly in May 2014 offers a renewed urban oasis for workers, visitors, and residents, while supporting economic growth in the city’s downtown core. “To be a competitive city,” Mellon Square Committee Co-Chair and former Parks Conservancy Vice Chairman Dan Booker said, “you have to provide and maintain high-quality public spaces.” 

During this project special attention was given to the Square’s signature fountains; reinstalling dramatic nighttime lighting; landscaping the Square with a wide array of plantings; restoring the unique terrazzo paving; and creating 15% more public space with the addition of a terrace over Smithfield Street. Park enhancements also encompass the perimeter with a newly installed interpretive wall and illuminated signband that provide pedestrians with history of the Square and the Pittsburgh Renaissance. The restoration of Mellon Square included a complete facelift for the Square’s streetscape on Smithfield, with brand new curbing, sidewalk planters, benches, trash receptacles, and updated storefronts. To prevent the Square from falling back into disrepair, a maintenance fund was established prior to restoration.

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