Restoring Pittsburgh Parks More than 10,000 residents from across the city of Pittsburgh recently participated in the parks listening tour.

Phase II The Listening Tour

Will detail the plan for improved park safety, increased fair funding and access, and upgraded maintenance and facilities for all existing city parks to leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren. This parks plan is being developed with community input.

Listing Information

*Listings with an asterisk are community meetings hosted by the Parks Conservancy and City of Pittsburgh. Please register so we have an accurate for food. Please indicate your need for childcare while registering.  **Please note that food and childcare are only provided at these particular listings, hosed by the Parks Conservancy.

^ Listings with a caret are events where the Parks Conservancy will have a table of pop-up Parks Listening Tour II: The Parks Plan outreach activities.

Listings without any symbol are community meetings where the Parks Conservancy will present information on the Parks Listening Tour II: The Parks Plan.

Community Meetings

There will be a series of community meetings where you and your neighbors can hear directly from the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and the City of Pittsburgh about the positive changes coming to your parks.

Community meetings will be held throughout the city. These community conversations will emphasize the improvements planned for parks in the area of the city where the meeting is being held. However, Parks Conservancy and City of Pittsburgh leadership can address questions and issues related to all parks.


Capital Projects

Communities across Pittsburgh deserve high quality parks that are designed in partnership with neighbors and park-goers.

Funds will be directed to transforming our parks one-by-one according to the input of local residents. Funds will be distributed to all parks in order of their community and park need, as determined by research and analysis by the City and Parks Conservancy. Sites in communities with the greatest need that have not seen significant investment in many years will receive the greatest priority. Seeking to achieve transformational change, capital projects will address the entire park in a coordinated fashion.

How do we determine how much funding each park will receive for Capital Projects?

  • Funding for each park is based on: The amount that would be needed to bring all parts of the park up to high level of quality
  • The amount that parks of a similar size and in a similar condition are slated to receive
  • Any master plans associated with each park and the cost of implementing their next phase
  • The cost of managing and implementing a multi-year community planning and construction project

Park Rankings

Data Sources

Allocation Scenarios 

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to restore a park?

Phase I The Listening Tour

Pittsburghers from more than 70 neighborhoods spoke up to help shape future investment in our parks.  

From late 2018 through April 2019, the City of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy embarked on the Parks Listening Tour. At community meetings and events throughout the city, we gathered feedback on what neighbors like you love about their parks, and what they would love to improve. See below for an overview of the Parks Listening Tour with a message from the Mayor, tour dates, power point presentation, and frequently asked questions.
Message from Mayor Peduto