North Promenade Project

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North Promenade Phase II Overview

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy began constructing the second phase of the North Promenade project within Allegheny Commons Park on June 19, 2023. This construction phase was initiated at the intersection of Federal Street and North Avenue, extending onward to Arch Street. The enhancements to Pittsburgh's historic public park encompass pathway resurfacing, the introduction of canopy tree plantings, the installation of benches, and the implementation of lighting infrastructure to illuminate the North Promenade, collectively elevating the pedestrian experience. This substantial investment directly responds to the distinct needs of the Northside neighborhood and reflects the desired improvements voiced by residents for their community park.

A milestone for the project was marked on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, with a celebratory groundbreaking ceremony organized by the Parks Conservancy. Additionally, on April 30, 2024, the Parks Conservancy, in collaboration with Mayor Gainey, the City of Pittsburgh, and Northside residents, gathered for the official "relighting" ceremony, symbolizing the revitalization of this section of the park.

North Promenade Phase I Overview The project will restore the 1935 path pattern, removing unnecessary paths and excess pavement.

New pedestrian crossings at Federal and Arch Streets will include planted medians to provide safe harbor and signal drivers that they are entering the park zone. The George Washington Monument will be given a new setting in a well-scaled oval plaza. Finishing touches will include historically appropriate benches and energy efficient lighting. The planting scheme will feature a central allee of canopy trees along the Promenade, with a variety of understory trees planted informally in the flanking lawn.

The first phase of the project was completed in 2021 and began near the Patricia Rooney Memorial Fountain, extending to Federal Street. 

Before photo of the North Promenade An after photo of the North Promenade Project

Phase I Project Highlights


Representing 17 species to be planted.


Consistent width of 15’, paved in historically appropriate asphalt, totaling 1,445 linear feet (approx. 1/4 mile)

LED Lights

29 LED pedestrian lights along Promenade, some with outlets


30 standard historic benches

Phase I Ribbon Cutting Community Celebration

On July 20, we recognized the completion of the Allegheny Commons Park North Promenade Rehabilitation Project with a ribbon-cutting event!

As the oldest public park in the City of Pittsburgh, the renovation of the space included the repaving of the historical 15-foot promenade, the planting of new trees, and the implementation of lights, benches, and trash receptacles throughout the path. The event included a speaker line-up of local leaders sharing their own personal connections to Allegheny Commons, followed by live music, strolling performers, vendors, and free cookies! 

Thank you to all who joined us for the event, and to our partners at the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny Commons Initiative, and the Northside Leadership Conference for helping to make this community event a success. 

Ribbon Cutting Event at Allegheny Commons Park

North Promenade Virtual Groundbreaking

Take a look at live footage from our virtual groundbreaking ceremony for the North Promenade Project, which aired originally on Facebook Live on June 25, 2020. Hear from Mayor Bill Peduto and an array of partners, sponsors, and supporters on why this project is an important step towards a greener, more accessible, and community focused future. 

Would you like to dedicate a bench in Allegheny Commons?

Bench dedications are a wonderful way to honor friends, family, and loved ones. If you would like to learn more about the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy's bench program, please select the button below.