North Promenade Improvement Project

In 2020, we began the North Promenade Rehabilitation Project in Allegheny Commons. In partnership with the City of Pittsburgh, the Allegheny Commons Initiative, and the Northside Leadership Conference, the Parks Conservancy worked to transform Pittsburgh’s oldest public park through the now finished first phase of the restoration.

The capital improvement project was specifically focused on restoring the pattern of the 1935 path and removing excess pavement from the park. The promenade was paved to have a consistent width of 15 feet and was lined with 30 historically appropriate benches and 29 energy-efficient LED lights for pedestrians. Over 108 trees were planted in the park as well as rehabilitated turf in the areas where pavement was removed.

Along with the promenade’s improvements, there were new pedestrian crossings implemented at Federal and Arch Streets. Planted medians were put in to signal the park zone to drivers and create a safe space for pedestrians enjoying the new promenade. 

The restoration also paid attention to the park’s monuments, as a concrete pad was placed near Federal Street to prepare for the Hartzell Memorial to return to its original location, where it now stands.

Overall, the $1.1 million project optimized the park’s space for modern usage and made the park more accessible for the North Side community, while honoring the history of Allegheny Commons.