Let’s Move a Mile in May!

Ready. Set. MOVE!

Spring is in full swing, so let’s get outside, enjoy that beautiful sunshine and immerse ourselves in all that Pittsburgh’s parks have to offer. Whether you like going for a jog in Frick Park, taking a swim at a local pool, or shooting hoops on your neighborhood court, it’s time to Move a Mile in May! 

Our “Move a Mile in May” fundraiser aims to get people outside and active while raising money to restore and maintain the park system. This month, we’re asking YOU to create your own fundraiser on social media and gain supporters as you move your way through May. This blog includes everything you need to know about starting your fundraiser! 

Start Your Fundraiser on Facebook or Instagram 

Starting a fundraiser on social media is simple and can be done in just a few seconds. Follow the directions below to start your Move a Mile in May fundraiser on either Facebook or Instagram. 

If starting your fundraiser on Facebook, visit facebook.com/fundraisers and search for “Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy.” From there, a draft page will be started for you where you can set your fundraising goal, tell your story, and even choose a personalized photo for the fundraiser. 

Starting your fundraiser on Instagram is just as easy. Start creating a post and choose the “Add Fundraiser” option before you post. From here, search for “Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy,” set your fundraising goal, and share!   

Not sure what to say? We got you covered! Click here for sample language to get you started.

I’ve created my fundraiser… now what?

Now comes the fun part. It’s time to GET MOVING! Your social media fundraiser will run itself, but it’s your responsibility to get outside and stay active in your favorite parks. Here’s a few tips on how you can keep your fundraiser—and your body—moving all month long.

Set a Goal: In addition to setting a fundraising goal, we encourage you to set a movement goal that fits your level of activity, and your hobbies! Pledge to walk/run a certain number of miles a week, exercise a few minutes a day, or even play your favorite sport once a week. No matter what you choose to do, choose to MOVE!  

Share Your Progress: Update your supporters on your journey by sharing your progress on social media. We recommend a weekly update to keep your donors in the loop, but this part is really up to you! You can even ask supporters to pledge a donation based on how much you move!  

Get Connected: Our Move a Mile in May event page has all the details you need to get started and keep moving throughout the entire month. Post your progress, connect with others participating in the challenge, and compete to be named the Mover of the Week! Click here to join!