Mellon Park Walled Garden Fountain Restoring the focal point of the Walled Garden

MELLON PARK WALLED GARDEN FOUNTAIN OVERVIEW The project will restore this important historic asset and ensure reliable function.

The focal point of the Walled Garden is the 14-foot-high stone fountain created by renowned sculptor Edmond R. Amateis. The tiered fountain features elaborately carved fluted columns, sculpted turtle heads, fish, cherubs, and woodland animals. Long dry, it was put in working order as part of the 2010 Walled Garden Renovation, including new water supply lines and an underground vault for mechanical equipment. However, that project did not tackle fundamental issues with the fountain’s masonry and internal deterioration of its original mechanical systems which require constant maintenance attention.


The Parks Conservancy is partnering with the City of Pittsburgh to restore this important historic asset and ensure reliable function. The project will update and modernize the internal and external plumbing and mechanical systems, restoring the fountain to a fully operational state with energy and water efficient technologies. The sculptural fountain will be completely restored, including a new structural foundation, new fountain lighting, and the cleaning and restoration of the stonework.

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