Let’s Talk About Parks: Why Earth Needs Its Day

APR 18, 2017 

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Our spinning planet dazzles us with endless levels of amazement every day. It holds the distinction of being the densest planet in the universe while its multiple layers include a two-tiered core swirling with molten iron and nickel. Earth’s oceans, seas and bays hold nearly 1.5 billion cubic kilometers of water, cover 70 percent of the planet and host nearly 2 million species of animals and plants. Earth has every type of topography imaginable, from the streams and hilly wooded terrain of Pittsburgh’s city parks to the sandy dunes of the Arabian deserts, and on to the shining icy peaks of Greenland. Earth is a gorgeous, thriving sphere of life that gives us a home, provides our food and allows us to experience all it means to be human.

With all of its many adaptive powers, why have we designated April 22 as Earth Day, and is it necessary to dedicate a day each year to examining our relationship with our host planet?... Read the full article