Let’s Talk About Parks: Park Art

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Whether you’re looking at them through a wide-angle perspective lens or zoomed in close, your city parks inspire us in countless ways. Take, for example, the fact that the parks are designed spaces. Everything from the winding paths to the gardens, the overlooks and the habitat types have been created for park visitors to experience and enjoy. Zoom in a little closer. The public art sprinkled throughout the parks make these greenspaces seem like interactive, open-air museums. Many works have been crafted by some of the nation’s best artists, authors, sculptures and glassmakers. Whether you’re in the brand new August Wilson Park or old-school parks like Frick, Riverview, and Schenley, there is an amazing collection of park art for you to enjoy. This week we’ll take a quick tour of some of the most visible — and a few hidden treasures — of Pittsburgh’s park art... Read the article