Let’s Talk About Parks: Fawns

MAY 31, 2016 

There are lots of types of lotteries in the human world, and by design most are ones that nearly everyone would love to win. Lotteries are by design something in which everyone involved contributes something with the hope that they may be the one chosen to win a wonderful prize. Some lotteries, though, are ones where the prize is simply something you see.

Invest an hour in a walk through one of our city parks during the late springtime, and you may just be rewarded with rare but amazing sites. At the playground in Riverview Park you may see a hawk flying over you on its way to deliver food to its baby. Highland Park may reward you with a mother duck swimming with her brood of 10 or more ducklings, and Schenley and Frick parks have blankets of native flowers that are now in full bloom. And if you’re really lucky, you may win the nature lottery by seeing a sleeping baby deer nestled in the tall grass... Read the full article