Let’s Talk About Parks: Do Animals Fall In Love?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


On a recent bright blue wintry day in Highland Park, a curious sight unfolded near Carnegie Lake along Lake Drive. While it’s certainly not unusual to see ducks and geese near the lake year-round, this time something was a bit different. Groups of ducks — called a safe or twack when on the ground — were waddling in a neat line of pairs from the water’s edge toward a thicket of branches and berries, likely searching for a snack.

The ducks seemed to be affectionately paired as if happily married, save two lone ducks at the back of the line. These two quacked angrily at each other, flapping wings in dramatic bursts as they zigzagged to and fro, clearly on the outs with one another. The scene made some park visitors laugh, wondering if this duck couple was having a fight while the others seemed blissfully happy together. Could it be that ducks fall in love and have good and bad days with each other just like human couples?... Read the full article