Let’s keep our parks safe


TRIBUNE-REVIEW | Sunday, May 17, 2020 7:00 a.m.

Spending time outdoors and walking in Dormont Park is a crucial part of the day to my household during this very difficult time. It’s important that we all have space to reset. We head outside to refresh, de-stress, and go for a run or a walk after being stuck in the house all day.

I encourage people to use their local parks, but to continue to do so responsibly: maintain social distance, wear masks, do not use restricted playgrounds or spaces, and be respectful of others. Wearing masks keeps our neighbors and community safe from disease.

Even as we move into the yellow phase, no one can be sure when this will all end, or what the next phase will be, but I am sure I want to continue to use the outdoors in a safe and healthy way. We can work together to keep our parks open, safe and a relaxing environment for everyone.

Amy Constantine Kline