Leading By Example: Lynn Glorieux

Lynn Glorieux is a wife, former visiting nurse, ‘Northsider,' and Park Champion. Leading by example and leaving her park better than she found it is what drives Lynn to make a positive impact in Allegheny Commons. Learn more about Lynn and how she’s making a difference in Pittsburgh’s most historic park.  

Tell us a bit about yourself! What’s your favorite park activity?   

My name is Lynn Glorieux. I’ve lived in Pittsburgh’s Northside neighborhood for nearly 30 years. My husband and I previously lived on nearly three-acres of land in Wexford before moving to the Northside. My favorite park activity is picking up litter. It’s true! I typically don’t eat dinner, so I pick-up litter throughout the park every evening. I walk from East Ohio Street and then down to the playground, and then to Stockton Avenue. It’s a three-block part of the park that I have made my responsibility.  

Why did you choose to become a Park Champion?  

Well, I did want to be a medical missionary when I was younger but decided it wasn’t for me. When I was a Girl Scout, my mother always said, “let’s leave this place better than we found it.” My mother was my mentor. I hoped to have that same effect on my neighbors. Park users and my neighbors will often thank me for helping to care for our park and will tell me that I’m a role model for them. It means a lot to me.   

What drives you to support your parks?  

It’s simple - it’s my calling. I love having a park and living so close to Allegheny Commons Park, so I thought why not help take care of it? My husband I and give more to the parks than to any other nonprofit. I love the park and it’s something I want to help care for each and every day. It’s a contribution I can make that makes me feel good. I love that I can look back and see that I left the park better than I found it.   

If you’re interested in making a positive impact on your parks like Lynn has, please consider becoming a Park Champion. Click here to learn more.