Lasting Memories Created on the PNC Carousel


The PNC Carousel in Schenley Plaza has a storied past and continues to be a gathering place for Pittsburghers and visitors from around the world.


Every year from April through October, visitors of all ages and abilities enjoy the carousel’s lively colors and old-fashioned pipe organ music as they spin around Schenley Plaza. In those moments, lasting memories are created.

For the Frankenberg-Northup family, taking trips to the PNC Carousel is a summer tradition.

“We visit the carousel as often as possible during the summer. We have two daughters, but it’s our toddler, Magnolia’s, favorite thing to do! She’ll ask to visit, so we try to make an afternoon out of it as a family. We ride the carousel as many times as she wants because we have the season pass and then we usually get some snacks or lunch and just enjoy the plaza,” explained Caitlin Northup.

“Magnolia loves the teacup that spins—it’s her favorite part! She’ll wait to get on it until it’s open and then she loves to ride it multiple times in a row. She would ride the teacup all day if we let her.”

One of the many reasons why Caitlin enjoys taking her family to visit the carousel is because there are so many things around the carousel and the plaza.

“My husband and I have been visiting Schenley Plaza since we were in college at Duquesne. Since we’ve had children, I would say we visit way more often just because it’s such a convenient way to get them outside and have a fun and inexpensive day.”