Kids Gobble Up Turkey Facts In Frick Park

NOV 18, 2017 

The Allegheny Front

Wild turkeys like to live wherever food is plentiful and the habitat inviting. That includes Frick Park in Pittsburgh. On a recent sunny Saturday afternoon, the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy led a family hike into the woods there to look for turkeys and practice calling for them.

The kids learned from naturalist educator Amber Stacey what wild turkeys like to eat and how they like to eat.

“So who remembers how a turkey finds their food?” Stacey asks. “They scratch to the ground. And move the leaves to the side to look for food.”

Five-year old Emily Swartz foraged for foods turkeys would be excited about, like snails and roly-polies. And three-year-old Louisa Greer happily gobble-gobbled while she scratched at the leaves and flapped her wings. “Turkeys can fly!” she was thrilled to learn... read the full article