• 15 - 20 Minutes


  • Journal or Paper
  • Pencil  
  • A window to look out, or a place to sit outside 
  • Your Observation Skills 


For this activity, you will write an “acrostic poem.” An acrostic poem is when you write a word vertically, writing the letters from top to bottom, putting each letter on a separate line. Then, after some observation, you will fill in words, phrases, or sentences that begin with each letter on each line to describe your word. We are going to make a poem based on the word “OUTSIDE”. 

To start, write the word “OUTSIDE” on your paper.  Remember to put each letter on its own line (see below.) 

O __________________________________ 
U __________________________________ 
T __________________________________ 
S __________________________________ 
I ___________________________________ 
D __________________________________ 
E ___________________________________ 

Look outside your window, or if you can, find a spot outside. Sit quietly and observe for 5 minutes. Take notes on what you see, feel, or notice and write them in your journal or on a piece of paper. Then use your notes and observations to start writing your poem.  On the first line, write a word, phrase, or sentence that begins with the letter “O”. On the next line, write a word, phrase, or sentence that begins with “U”. Continue for each remaining letter. Each line can be as long or short as you want. At the end, you will have your poem! 
O ut my window I see birds 
U p in the sky 
T rees sway in the wind 
S un hides behind a cloud 
I like to look outside 
D ogs bark 
E verything is awake ​

Yellow flower missing leaves
Teasels in a field