Hill District to Revitalize Green Spaces and River Views

SEP 2, 2009 

Pop City

The Hill District's views rival Mt. Washington's. The Downline skyline, the Allegheny and Mon Rivers, the bridges and slopes. It's all there. It's just hiding, or ignored, say the organizers of Find the Rivers!, and it's time to do something about it.

Find the Rivers!, formed in 2002, has brought on Oakland, Calif.-based landscape architect/artist Walter Hood to help reconnect the Hill to its natural resources. Hood, who has also been commissioned to design an August Wilson-inspired pedestrian walkway at Uptown's new arena, is spearheading Find the Rivers!'s Greenprint project. The project is in its early stages now, and aims to preserve, improve and sustain the health and beauty of the Hill District's natural and built landscape. Read full article