Virtual Habitat Explorers Explore habitats digitally!

Explore the Habitats located in Frick Park

A habitat is a place where plants and animals get everything they need to survive.

Take a virtual tour of the Frick meadow, woodland, and stream habitats to discover what plants and animals live there. Move along the habitats and click on different interest points along the way. Keep an eye out for these habitats during your next visit to Frick Park!

Each interest point may contain:

  • Short videos and pictures of the actual site
  • Educational videos from the internet
  • Activities to do at home

Scroll over the habitat images below to begin exploring!


The meadow is a wide open area with lots of tall plants. It is a very sunny place due to the lack of shady trees and many of the plants and animals have adapted to be able to withstand the sun. Many insects and spiders call the meadow home!


The woodland is a habitat with lots of tall trees. Many insects and invertebrates can be found in and under fallen logs on the woodland floor, while mammals and birds actively go about their day!


The stream is a running water habitat. Streams play a vital role in providing water for the organisms in the park. Careful exploration of the stream can result in finding many living organisms under rocks and along the stream bank.

For Parents/Guardians

Discover activities that will help young learners think about and explore their own habitat – the place where they get everything they need! The activities are designed for you, their best teacher, to participate with them.