Grow Our Gardens Purchase perennials below and help beautify our parks!

Help grow our gardens! The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy's team of horticultural experts is passionate about caring for our parks and green spaces. Help our team continue this work in the next planting season by making a gift to support the team's ultimate plant wishlist!

Beautifying our parks with flowers below will enhance the aesthetic charm of these beloved spaces by providing a sense of serenity and tranquility amidst the bustling urban landscape.

Flowers foster a deeper connection between people and nature, encouraging environmental awareness and stewardship. Ultimately, making a gift to support these plantings not only enhances the overall quality of life in our community but also contributes to strengthening our cherished green spaces.


Make a gift towards planting Allium bulbs!


Make a gift to support Camassia bulb plantings!


Make a gift towards planting Fritillaria bulbs!


Make a gift towards Galanthus bulbs!


Make a gift towards Hyacinthus bulb plantings!


Make a gift to support Colchicum bulbs!

for donation questions, please contact: 

Alana Wenk, Director of Advancement