Frick Environmental Center Moves Into Final Construction Phase

JUN 27, 2016 

Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition


Falls Ravine trail is one of most popular trails in Frick Park, and for good reason. Once you descend from Beechwood Boulevard into Falls Ravine Trail’s gently rolling terrain, the sounds of traffic and city life drift away, and there’s a great change. You’ll see wildlife scurrying as you make your way towards the thick of Frick Park’s 644 acres. With no internal roads for traffic – unique in our city parks – Frick Park is a wonderful way to make time stop. But if you’ve been on the Beechwood side of Falls Ravine Trail recently, you’ve seen proof that time is indeed moving onward. The Frick Environmental Center site has been rising for the past two years and this spring has shown dramatic progress as the construction’s final phase is underway... Read the full article