Free Summer Park Programs

Come join us this summer for free park programs! The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy is offering free events that promote health and wellness, community, volunteer work, and the parks of Pittsburgh. These events cater to people of all ages, and a variety of interests and hobbies. Everyone is sure to find something they like!

Whether you find your stride in HIIT workouts and kickboxing, or maybe slowing it down with yoga and meditation, there is a park program for you. Family and kids’ days are great opportunities to bring children to the parks to enjoy crafts, performers, and even the PNC Carousel! Maybe hiking and walking are more your niche! There are plenty of programs available in Schenley Plaza and Allegheny Commons Park. There are also themed walks to learn about edible plants, birds, or the rich history of this city. You can even join us for Music with Calliope as you listen and connect with the stunning sounds of folk music, or share your own talent during our Open Mic events.

Dancing, crafts, walks, music, and more -- there is an event that is perfect for you, your friends, and family. Enjoy the green spaces of Pittsburgh in Schenley Plaza and the Allegheny Commons with the Parks Conservancy’s free summer programs. All events are listed with dates, times, and locations on the Conservancy’s website as well as our Facebook page ( Attending these programs is not only fun but will expose you to the parks of Pittsburgh and everything they have to offer. The best part? They are all free!

We aim to provide wellness and happiness through the programs offered in the parks. A year of uncertainty and social distancing has taught Pittsburghers how important community is to all of us. As places begin to open back up, and the weather gets warmer, there are opportunities to get outside and begin to connect with people and nature again.

We look forward to seeing everyone this summer!

Angela Moriarity - Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Intern