Four New Capital Projects in 2024 

The new year promises to be a transformative period marked by innovation and progress. In an exciting partnership with the City of Pittsburgh to propel our community forward, four ambitious capital projects will unfold in the coming months, each promising to redefine the landscape of our city. From an inclusive new project design to the continued restoration of a beloved community park, these projects symbolize a collective commitment to shaping a brighter, more resilient future with our partners at the City of Pittsburgh. As we stand on the brink of these endeavors, the air is charged with possibilities, and the promise of a flourishing and dynamic urban landscape is palpable.  

At the end of 2023, Mayor Ed Gainey and City Council approved an allocation to the Parks Conservancy of $1,343,000 from the dedicated Parks Trust Fund to support four capital projects, each of which has the written support of the local City Council Member and community-based organizations.

Explore the projects below!  

  • In alignment with the recommendations outlined in the Mellon Park Action Plan, which was released in 2022 with feedback from more than 1,000 park users and 26 different community organizations representing East Liberty, Larimer, Homewood, Point Breeze, Shadyside, and Squirrel Hill, the $703,000 project will support resurfacing of pathways, installation of new lighting, and enhancements of park entrances to create a safer and more accessible experience for visitors.   
  • A $330,000 investment will support the construction of a Community Grove in McKinley Park in Pittsburgh's south Hilltop neighborhoods. In accordance with the community's wishes for the park, this gathering space will feature benches and seat walls to allow trail users to rest during hikes, showcase local public art in partnership with local artists, provide dedicated space for youth-serving organizations to host nature-based programs for neighborhood children, and create a destination for community events and celebrations.   
  • A $200,000 investment will help to build an ADA-accessible and sensory-friendly space for individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities to interact with and learn from nature in Frick Park. Encompassing about 3 acres of woodlands surrounding the Frick Environmental Center, the Outdoor Sensory Classroom and Nature Play Trail, which will become the first of its kind in a public park in Pittsburgh and was designed with input from dozens of organizations serving the disabled community, will include a fully resurfaced 1/3-mile trail, discovery stations to encourage children to participate in activities that engage the senses, the reconstruction of an observation deck, and covered shelter spaces, all of which will be accessible to individuals with mobility challenges and intellectual disabilities.   
  • A $110,000 investment will help rehabilitate the 1940s-era Valley Refuge Shelter in Riverview Park on Pittsburgh's Northside. The restoration of this popular asset, which is deteriorating rapidly, was identified as a top priority of the Friends of Riverview Park organization. The project scope will include the repair of the crumbling and hazardous flagstone floor, repointing of damaged and unsightly masonry, restoration of the bathroom space that is currently closed and not functional, lighting and electrical upgrades, replacement of a drinking fountain, and repair of the aging roof.  

The Parks Conservancy will match the funds listed above through private investments from foundations and corporations who believe in our ability to bring these projects to fruition alongside our partners at the City of Pittsburgh. 

“The City of Pittsburgh is looking forward to building upon our partnership with Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy for 2024. This partnership and our ability to use the Park Tax Trust Fund to help reinvest in historic parks is what we’ve been working towards. Working together, we’ll be able to allow residents to enjoy safely the parks in our wonderful city,” said Mayor Ed Gainey. 

We are honored to receive this significant allocation from the City of Pittsburgh to continue our collective efforts of providing safe, clean, and accessible green spaces to all Pittsburghers. We take great pride in our partnership with the City of Pittsburgh and are delighted to work with them on these projects.

And to our supporters and park lovers, thank you for standing with us and being a driving force for our city's cherished green spaces. Together, we are partnering to create a better park system. 

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