Flag Day Has Special Pittsburgh Connection

JUN 14, 2016 

It is no secret that people in Pittsburgh love their country. Our patriotism runs deep.

Flag Day itself has a Pittsburgh connection. William T. Kerr spent the majority of his life trying to establish Flag Day as a national holiday.

It finally worked. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson issued a presidential proclamation. In 1949, Congress officially established Flag Day as a national holiday.

Back in 1927, in honor of the American Flag’s 150th anniversary, Pittsburgh’s Flag Monument was dedicated. It was moved a few times over the years, even resting once outside Phipps Conservatory.

But officials wanted it to be moved to a better, more appropriate location. So, they chose Flagstaff Hill.

“This setting provides [the flag] with the respect and visibility it deserves,” says Meg Cheever, the President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. “We thank the city of Pittsburgh for their work and dedication in helping to make this new home possible...” Watch the video and read the full article