An Ode to the Fern Hollow Bridge

The Fern Hollow Bridge was loved and honored by Pittsburgh residents and beyond.

In the days following the bridge’s collapse, stories and memories were shared by countless Pittsburghers, extending their sympathy for the accident, and recalling their personal connections with the Fern Hollow Bridge. Local photographer Dylan Mirales is just one of the many Pittsburghers who cherished this bridge. 

“The bridge was a big part of my near daily walks through Frick Park. I’d either cross over or under it on my loops through the park with my dog," Dylan stated. It was also my favorite place to catch a sunset since it was the quickest place for me to get a full view of the sky. That picture was from my favorite sunset that I saw there. My girlfriend and I walked over just as we noticed some color appearing in the sky and watched as the sky and clouds transformed in color of the next several minutes.”

The City of Pittsburgh Park Rangers also share a close connection to the bridge. Not only are an integral part of Pittsburgh’s parks system, but they were on site and providing updates to residents as news broke about the collapse. The following statement is from the Park Rangers of Frick Park: 

“The Fern Hollow Bridge was such an instrumental part in connecting the communities that utilize Frick Park every day.  Losing a safe corridor for pedestrians, bikers, and vehicle traffic, to access other park entrances, is a devastating lost.

Though the bridge is gone, our communities are not. By coming together with patience and understanding, Frick Park will remain a pillar of activity for years to come.”

Tracy is another resident of Pittsburgh whose deep connection with Fern Hollow stretches throughout her entire family.

“Frick Park has long been a favorite of mine," Tracy wrote. "The entrance, like something out of an urban fairytale, is nestled right next to one of my favorite museums. It draws me down the hill and into the woods, where I can spend time walking, reflecting, listening to the far-off sounds of the city. I’d forget where I was sometimes when I’d walk Fern Hollow. It felt like being back at home, wandering the woods around my house as a small child.” You can read Tracy's entire blog post here.

These are only a few of the stories we heard across the city and beyond following the collapse of the Fern Hollow Bridge. Whether you remember this bridge as a pathway over Frick Park, a small stretch of your everyday commute, or a place to take in the views of the city, we encourage you to continue to commemorate the Fern Hollow Bridge share your stories.

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