Parks Overview and Map Your parks are where you fly a kite, write your first novel, meet up with old friends, gaze at stars, do cartwheels, make your Instagram followers jealous, dance, have a good cry, see neighbors, and generally lead your best life.

Let's get started! Visit the park pages below for maps, events, and information for the parks that you know or ones that you have yet to discover. Begin by clicking on the map. Then, use your cursor to zoom in and out of the map of Pittsburgh. You may then select a location icon to learn about that specific park site, get directions from your home, and view public transportation options.

The Gardens

FP Gatehouse

Frick Park

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Riverview Park

Your Parks Highland Park

Highland Park

Emerald View Park Photo 600468 Edited

Emerald View Park

Image of a person on a trail in Schenley Park near a bridge

Schenley Park

Park Rentals

Pittsburgh’s parks are the perfect setting for your next special event. Dreaming of getting married in a garden? Looking to get friends together on a summer day? Find the perfect spot for your special event in the parks!

Make a Difference

Your Parks Matter

Parks thrive when they have sun, soil, rain…and you. You ensure programs are offered, trees are planted, capital projects are funded, flowers are tended to, research is pursued. There is nothing the parks can’t do with you behind them.