Don’t Worry, North Siders: Lake Elizabeth Won’t Be Empty For Long

MAY 1, 2017 

The Incline


People who went for a stroll in Allegheny Commons Park on the North Side this weekend were greeted by an unwelcome sight: an empty Lake Elizabeth. Even the geese looked a little concerned.

The man-made lake had been leaking 62 million gallons of water annually in recent years. It was drained in 2015, repaired at a cost of $85,000 and refilled in late summer 2016.

So is the North Side in for another dry spell? Thankfully, no.

Mike Gable, director of the Department of Public Works, said via email the lake was drained so it can be cleaned. When the city is able to refill the lake depends on how long it takes to clean it, Gable said, adding that the city wants to fill it as soon as possible.

Want to help out? Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy will hold a volunteer event May 11. Email Erin Tobin ( if you’re interested.

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