Park trees need our help.

Our Park Tree Fund was established to not only plant new trees but to care for the older, more mature trees in the parks. Trees give back so much to our community, and during this time of need, we hope you will take this opportunity to give back to them.

These trees need our help — and we need them. With your support, we can take immediate steps to assist in the preservation of native mature trees. Your donation will go directly to:

• Treating and inoculating at-risk species against existing pests and disease.

• Caring for existing mature trees with seasonal pruning, watering, and mulching.

• Researching tree species that will thrive in our changing environment.

• Planting new trees in areas of need.

Make a donation today to support the trees in your parks. Your support goes towards proper tree care, which is essential for healthy trees to reach their full potential.

Together, we can help protect and preserve Pittsburgh's urban forest.

Give Today

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