Tree Fund

Plant a tree in the parks and establish a legacy for generations to come.

“He that plants trees loves others beside himself.” – Thomas Fuller

Many people choose to support our restorative tree fund in Pittsburgh’s parks. Here are some common reasons people donate to our tree fund:

  • In tribute of someone you respect, love, or admire
  • To celebrate a birth, birthday, or marriage
  • In recognition of a life change, or achievement
  • As a gesture of community service
  • In memory of someone who has passed away

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy's Horticulture and Forestry Team works to nurture and protect the green spaces we love.

Whether planting new trees, shrubs, and flowers or investigating new destructive insects and diseases, our gardens and parks require year-round maintenance and the utmost care. Please explore all of the wonderful ways you can improve our trees by making a donation below.

Restoration Tree Fund

Donate to the restoration tree fund. Your gift helps to restore and maintain our urban forest. Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy horticulture and forestry staff determine which park your support will be applied based on need.

Commemorative Tree Planting

Donate to have Parks Conservancy staff plant a larger (2” caliper) Commemorative tree. These trees are more substantial in size and maturity and your donation covers two years of care and maintenance by Parks Conservancy staff.

Commemorative Tree Planting and Ceremony

Donate to have Parks Conservancy staff plant a larger (2” caliper) Commemorative tree that includes hosting a planting ceremony with as many friends and family as you’d like.

For more information, please contact:

James Snow