Dave Ramsey On Giving Back To Our Community and Parks

The community can mean so much to all of us. Parks have always been an integral part of my life. It’s a place where we can get together and share great memories. Giving back to your community allows it to build and grow into something more meaningful. It also allows you to do something good within your community and make a difference. So what is holding you back from giving to your community? Find your purpose and learn how to get involved in an amazing opportunity within your community.  So, when you finally complete all of your baby steps, you can continue to give back to your community and donate to a well worthy cause. By doing so, it will be well worth the wait after going through all 7 of the Dave Ramsey baby steps.

A Picture Of A Pittsburgh Park Overlooking The Pittsburgh Skyline

Why You Should Give Back

After working so hard on completing Dave Ramsey’s baby steps, you might think to yourself well what now? Now, this is your time to give back to your community because this is where you will finally understand what financial peace feels like. If you keep holding back on your financial wealth you will never get the chance to understand the feeling of making a difference. You will become more stressed out and anxious holding it all back. There are great benefits to giving back to your community. Dave Ramsey himself encourages everyone to give back because if he could. Even if you are not able to donate as much as you want to, just a little can make the biggest difference in your community and your own life.

The Purpose

In Dave Ramsey’s baby step, step 7 is where you build wealth and give. Following all the ups and downs of growing through each baby step, baby step 7 is where you can finally enjoy your financial life. Since you no longer have to worry about paying debt, you can relax and start giving back to your community. He doesn’t specifically mention parks, but it’s part of the community in his article, but it’s part of the community. Giving back to your community can give you purpose if you have been feeling a bit off from trying to complete your baby steps. You will get a sense of the world a bit better as you can contribute to your community over time. You will be a part of something bigger than you expected and allows you the chance to do something good in your life. Dave Ramsey wants you to enjoy every moment and learn a valuable lesson. That is why he purposely made baby step 7 like that.

Where Do You Start

When you are ready to give back to your community you might be wondering, where do you start? A great way to start is by looking up your local community’s website. Such as your local community park, the many organizations, or any churches run in your community. Most parks, including the Pittsburgh Parks have a place where you can make a donation directly. Then from there you can search through their website and find anywhere where you can donate.

You can also try and go to their community center in person. Many community centers have information on different organizations that need help or donations. You can look through the different types of organizations and find one that you may be interested in or passionate about. For instance, you can donate to animal shelters, parks, local gardens, and churches. There are so many options for you to choose from and find the one that you want to help out with.

Getting Involved

When we started Ascend Finance, giving back was a major part of our mission and vision. Not only can you donate to your community but you can also get involved and volunteer. Generosity can be influential and allows you to be more involved with your community. By volunteering, you are supporting an amazing cause and getting the chance to learn more about your community. It is also an amazing way to surround yourself with other good people who want to make a difference in your community.

To look into more about volunteering you can look out for community events, local sports teams, neighborhood events, and school events. These are just a few of the different organizations that you can join and volunteer for. It is always a good idea to volunteer for ones that you may have a love or passion for. That way you can enjoy it, even more, when you are involved.

What Are You Waiting For?

When you finally have completed all the baby steps, this is your time to shine! Baby step 7 is all about giving back and donating. So why wait? Don’t hold back and go out into your community and start giving back. You deserve everything good going towards you so pay it forward to a worthy cause and support your community. It will be worth it after the long haul of going through each of the baby steps. Even if it is a small portion, you are contributing to something bigger than yourself.


Biography: Ben Tejes is a park enthusiast who loves to go on adventures with his wife and 3 young daughters to as many parks as they can fit in. He's also the Co-founder and CEO of Ascend Finance, a mission-based organization helping folks experience debt and financial freedom. In his free time, you can often find him and his family at a local park.