Commonplace Coffee and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Creates Coffee Collab

Drink coffee outside while enjoying the great outdoors.
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Drinking coffee outside is a dreamy concept. Now, your outdoor coffee supports Pittsburgh’s own great outdoors.

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy has announced a partnership with Commonplace Coffee to create a collaborative coffee blend series celebrating city parks. Each blend in the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Series will highlight one of the city’s five regional parks — Frick Park, Schenley Park, Highland Park, Riverview Park, and Emerald View Park — starting with the Frick Park Blend, which was released on Sept. 22, the first day of fall.

The custom blends will be sold on Commonplace Coffee’s website in 12 ounce bags, and cost $16.50. Commonplace will donate 25 percent of profits from sales of the parks blends directly to the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy.

“We’re excited to team up with the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy to support our communities and help sustain Pittsburgh’s incredible park system,” TJ Fairchild, owner of Commonplace Coffee, says in a release.

In curating each blend’s tasting notes, Commonplace roasters were inspired by what makes each Pittsburgh park special. The Frick Park Blend is described as “lively, wild, woodsy, historic, large [and] bold.”

“Pairing our Sumatran coffee, Harimau Tiger, with our dark roast, All Day, produces the Frick Park Blend’s bold and wild flavor profile,” Dave Smallhoover, roasting operations manager at Commonplace Coffee, says.

Future parks blends will release on the first day of each fall and spring season through 2022 and will be available for eight weeks.

To purchase a bag of the Frick Park Blend, visit the Commonplace Coffee website.